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Investing Tips That Your Rental Property Will Benefit From

Are you having trouble renting your property for a while? Have another look around to see whether you are taking something for granted but it cannot escape the notice of others. If need be, you can even take one of your friends on a tour and ask them to point it out for you. Here are the top places that usually hide the issues and top things you can do to amend them.

Seal it properly

Does the house look a little bit drafty? Work on that, replace or repair and refinish the windows and shutters. Replace your front door as it has to look warm and inviting, but at the same time very firm and safe. This particularly refers to those of you who are renting an apartment. The property should not have a personal mark, as in respecting the fact that you are advertising to the general public, however, feel free to put some seasonal decorations on the porch at the entrance to the home. Look for general seasonal garden art as anything with religious connotation may be offensive to some.

Refresh the Kitchen and the Bathroom

These two are crucial for breaking the deal. Perhaps investing in remodeling is a bit too pricey but there are things which can be done to make them look a little less rundown. First of all, replace the fixtures. That will add a bit of functionality but more importantly, it will add a bit of sparkle. Looking at the kitchen, replace the countertops and the cabinet doors. It will look as if you had a completely new kitchen and it will remove any signs of mold or moisture. Give the rest of the kitchen a good scrub so the inside of the cabinets can support the exterior. Apart from the fixtures, the bathroom will benefit from a mold treatment and a detailed scrub. Bathroom tiles can be painted instead of replaced entirely. You can add some grab bars and a shower seat to make it more suitable for elderly.

Fresh floors and paint

A fresh coat of paint will take a couple of years off your walls similarly to what Botox does to wrinkles. Choose a neutral color which will not bother anyone. Too much expression may influence buyers to feel too strongly about their dislike of your taste and the property, to put them off making a decision which would suit you. Also, deep clean your carpets to see if that helps. If it does not, feel free to replace them, or even better lay down some wooden floors as they are much more luxurious and warm. If you already have wooden floors, sand them and refinish them.

Keep it clean

A property which is not being used can start looking rundown. Make sure you have it cleaned regularly. Pestworks suggest pest control as even though you think pests will not settle in without food, they will gladly enjoy it as their shelter and feed outdoors. Make sure you look everywhere and take care of it regularly. If you miss something, your tenants will notice it as soon as they move in and you will end up covering for that expense anyway.

Offer extra appliances

Money coming out of their pocket is the greatest concern of every new tenant. Make sure you make your property worth their buck. Provide appliances they will need and they probably do not carry around with them, but would otherwise have to purchase if they decided to rent from you. Put in a refrigerator, a stove, a washing machine, and a drier as they are less likely to have that than a coffee maker.

If it is a house you are renting, apart from making the entrance look nice, do not forget about the entire curb appeal. You do not have to make it fancy, just make sure that it is neatly trimmed and that it looks inviting.


Not investing money into a rental property will be your greatest missed opportunity. Whatever you choose to invest, will help you rent quickly and achieve a better price. This means that on a long run, you will have a multiple returns on your investment and zero losses.


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